electroacoustic composition // improvisation
Concert Sibelius Academy, Helsinki

In his electroacoustic improvisations, Tim Helbig approaches found objects in a musical manner. The piece »Impetus with objects [in Helsinki]« deals with everyday objects and ad hoc instruments that were found in the area around the concert venue. In the realization of the work, these objects are combined with live-electronics, a composed structure and a specific loudspeaker setup.
also pieces of
Alfredo Ardia (MUTE)
Ludwig Berger (SeaM)
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Rodrigo Diaz (SeaM)
Tim Helbig (SeaM)
Jaakko Kulomaa (MUTE)
Alejandro Montes de Oca (MUTE)
Silvia Orengo (MUTE)
Andreas Vorwerk (SeaM)
Mikhail Yarzhembovskiy (SeaM)

has been performed.
Thank you so much to
Marianne Decoster-Taivalkoski and
Ludger Hennig!
impetus with objects [in helsinki] [07'08'']